Tuesday - May 21st, 2024

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I Remember Miami

What places in Miami stick in your mind while we self-quarantine in our homes? Do you remember how they looked and sounded? Do you remember how you moved around and through them? We want to hear your thoughts—literally!

Together with the Miami Book Fair, the Museum of Art and Design at MDC invites you to share your voice for “I Remember Miami”, a new participatory artwork by the great Spanish artist Dora Garcia.

“I Remember Miami” asks members of the public to recall a specific location in Miami. As you walk through the space in your mind, describe your memories out loud and record your voice to create an audio portrait of that place.

Then, pick a photo, either of your current surroundings or of something that reminds you of the place you just described. You can record your story in any language.

This collection of individual memories, juxtaposed with present environments or evocative objects, will become “I Remember Miami”, a unique “time capsule” that represents our city during an unprecedented time in our history.







Submissions are accepted through June 30, 2020. Follow the Facebook & Instagram channels of MOAD (@moadmdc) and the Miami Book Fair (@miamibookfair) for artist selections & the latest updates!


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