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Due to the cancellation of so many regularly scheduled events in Miami – with more coming in every hour – we’re focusing this week’s edition of Fun10Miami on fun entertainment you can enjoy in the safety of your own home or while practicing safe ‘social distancing’.


FUN10 — ten ways for you to have fun in Miami, this week and every week, running every Sunday, only on your site for fun, free, local entertainment, On.Miami!


So what’s on the FUN10 for this week? Read on …



I Remember Miami

What places in Miami stick in your mind while we self-quarantine in our homes? Do you remember how they looked and sounded? Do you remember how you moved around and through them? We want to hear your thoughts—literally!

Together with the Miami Book Fair, the Museum of Art and Design at MDC invites you to share your voice for “I Remember Miami”, a new participatory artwork by the great Spanish artist Dora Garcia.
“I Remember Miami” asks members of the public to recall a specific location in Miami. As you walk through the space in your mind, describe your memories out loud and record your voice to create an audio portrait of that place.

Then, pick a photo, either of your current surroundings or of something that reminds you of the place you just described. You can record your story in any language.
This collection of individual memories, juxtaposed with present environments or evocative objects, will become “I Remember Miami”, a unique “time capsule” that represents our city during an unprecedented time in our history.
Submissions are accepted through June 30, 2020. Follow the Facebook & Instagram channels of MOAD (@moadmdc) and the Miami Book Fair (@miamibookfair) for artist selections & the latest updates!


Learn to Act, Sing, Dance Virtually

NEW at Area Stage Company, are virtual classes! Their virtual classes are the perfect thing to engage your mind, grow your performance skills, and have FUN during these uncertain times. Learn to sing, act, or even dance on your own time, from the comfort of your own home!

ASC now offers virtual group classes and private lessons in all of the below disciplines. All lessons take place using the online conferencing platform, Zoom. Zoom is completely free for you to use. Once your lesson is scheduled, you will receive a URL to the meeting, and a meeting password.

Acting Beginner (Typically ages 6-11)
Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays on ZOOM, 4:30-5:30 PM, price $500/session (cost prorated depending on your start date)
Perfect for young students, or students new to theatre and acting! Students will learn basic theatre vocabulary, character development, and monologue and scene performance techniques throughout the semester. Students will be encouraged to create their own monologues in class based on characters they will create through various theatre games. Once the monologues have been created, students will work on basic concepts such as “the moment before”, objective for the monologue, intention, tactics, how to analyze the monologue and character analysis.

Topics covered include:
– Theatre warm-ups and games
– Script analysis (understanding the script/how to approach a script)
– Creativity
– Theatre vocabulary

Acting Intermediate (Typically ages 11+)
Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays on ZOOM, 5:30-6:30 PM, price $500/session (cost prorated depending on your start date)
A more advanced class for slightly older students, or younger, experienced students, this class focuses on monologue and scene work. Students will be challenged with researching the play, analyzing the script, and working with their scene partners to bring the characters to life.

Topics covered include:
– Advanced Theatre vocabulary
– Objectives
– Scene work
– Analyzing a script
– Intentions/Tactics
– Character Development

Ages 6-11: Tuesdays and Thursdays on ZOOM, 4:30-5:30 PM, price $340/session (cost prorated depending on your start date
Ages 11+: Tuesdays and Thursdays on ZOOM, 5:30-6:30 PM, price $340/session (cost prorated depending on your start date)
This class is an ideal place for students to tap into their “silly side” and to learn to “play” onstage. (Think: “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) Acting is all about following your instincts, and this class will help students let go of their stage fright and self-consciousness and do exactly that! Class activities will consist of various improv games and exercises designed to increase creativity and strengthen foundational stage technique.

Topics covered include:
– Improv games
– The idea of “Yes, and…”
– Volume and physical commitment onstage
– Letting go of self-consciousness onstage

Advanced Ensemble (Ages 12+, by audition only)
Tuesdays & Thursdays on ZOOM, 4:30-5:30 PM, price $400/session
This class is for our experienced, skilled, and dedicated students who wish to take their artistry to the next level. This class will focus on developing each student into a triple threat musical theatre performer. The ensemble will also focus on building a repertoire of group musical theatre numbers and will be given as many performance opportunities as possible in the community and beyond. Students will receive discounted, priority registration to our masterclass and audition events with Broadway performers, directors, choreographers, and casting directors. Classes are run in a manner akin to professional rehearsals, emphasizing professionalism, punctuality, and preparedness. The curriculum is developed specifically for each individual group of students, and therefore changes slightly each session.

Topics covered include:
– Acting the song
– Audition prep
– Musical theatre scene study
– Musical theatre dance styles
– Singing with an accompanist
– Identifying your “type”
– Song selection
– Musical theatre history
– Analyzing a musical theatre script

Advanced Scene Study (Ages 12+, by instructor approval only)
Tuesdays & Thursdays on ZOOM, 6:30-7:30 PM, price $400/session
This class is young actors who have experience performing in multiple productions, or who have taken Acting Intermediate (or equivalent), and wish to deepen and expand their understanding of their craft. Students will focus on one scene and character throughout the entire session spending extensive time on script analysis, character development, and work with their scene partner.

Topics covered include:
– Advanced script analysis
– Advanced character development
– How to research a scene
– Objectives and tactics

Ages 6-11: Tuesdays & Thursdays on ZOOM, 5:30-6:30 PM, price $340/session (cost prorated depending on your start date)
Ages 11+: Tuesdays & Thursdays on ZOOM, 4:30-5:30 PM, price $340/session (cost prorated depending on your start date)
Instructor Irma Becker brings the Royal Academy of Dance curriculum to Area Stage! This is the perfect foundational class for students new to ballet, or to dance in general. Correct body positioning, foundational “building-block” movements, and physical strength and endurance will all be emphasized in both barre and center exercises.

Topics covered include:
– Turnout and posture
– At the barre: plié, battement tendu, battement glissé, battement fondue, grand battement, rise, stretch
– Center: Port de bras, balance de cote, relevé, en tournant, saute, pas de chat, chaine turns
– Arm positions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, open 5th, demi second, demi bra

Musical Theatre Dance
Ages 6-11: Mon, Wed, & Fri. on ZOOM, 5:30-6:30 PM, price $340/session (cost prorated depending on your start date
Ages 11+: Mon, Wed, & Fri. on ZOOM, 4:30-5:30 PM, price $340/session (cost prorated depending on your start date)
This class emphasizes concepts essential to dance in the musical theatre. Spatial awareness, stage directions, formations, foundational technique, and musicality will all be covered.

Topics covered include:
– Stage directions (upstage, downstage, etc.)
– Dance formations and shapes
– Use of spot in turns
– Basic steps: Ball change, chassé, transfer of weight, pivot step, jazz walk, pas de bourrée, slide, crossing step, kick ball change, box step, heel walk.
– Basic positions of the feet and arms

Adult Ballet
Tuesdays & Thursdays on ZOOM, 10:00-11:00 AM, price $340/session
This class is a wonderful introduction to dance for all adults, ages 18 and up. The class is taught primarily at a beginner level, and no experience is necessary. However, if you are a current or former dancer, the class can be adjusted to your level.

Topics covered include:
– Turnout and posture
– At the barre: plié, battement tendu, battement glissé, battement fondue, grand battement, rise, stretch
– Center: Port de bras, balance de cote, relevé, en tournant, saute, pas de chat, chaine turns
– Arm positions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, open 5th, demi second, demi bra

Adult Fitness
Mondays & Wednesdays on ZOOM, 10:00-11:00 AM, price $340/session
Stuck working from home? Stay fit with this fun, engaging class for adults of all ages!


Virtual Live at Frost Science

The LIVE@Frost Science speaker series has been transformed into a new virtual offering, every Wednesday at 2 p.m. on Facebook Live.

May 20: Animal Behavior: Bird Songs and Monkey Business

Featured Speakers: Rindy Anderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, and Kate M. Detwiler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Science

Explore the interesting aspects of animal behavior in monkeys and songbirds. First, meet Dr. Anderson and her studies on behavioral ecology, how and why animals behave as they do. Learn more about her research on the social behavior of songbirds in both the field and in the laboratory, and why birdsong can help us understand the social behavior and communication of animals, including our own. Then, discover new research from the Primatology Lab at FAU with Dr. Detwiler that focuses on African monkey species and their forest edge habitat.

In partnership with Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Science.


Sticks & Sips with Frankie Dranks

We all could use a happy hour!

So tune every Wednesday from 7pm-8pm on Facebook Live for Sticks and Sips hosted by @frankie_dranks!

We will be talking cigars and spirits pairings while giving away 5 Pappy Van Winkle Ashtrays!


Small Talks with Margaret Ledford

Join City Theatre, virtually, on Thursday May 21 at 7:30 p.m. for Small Talks with Margaret Ledford.
Small Talks will stream on City Theatre’s Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/CityTheatreMiami.


Virtual Studio Visit: Omar Barquet

Fountainhead Residency alumni Omar Barquet will be broadcasting on https://www.instagram.com/fountainheadresidency/

Artists will be taking over Fountainhead’s Instagram channels and offering virtual studio visits. Take this opportunity to learn more about artists’ practices, gaining a rare window into their motivations and process.

Announcing a new schedule every week, be sure to stay tuned for weekly emails from the Fountainhead family, and follow us on Instagram @fountainheadresidency to keep track of the schedule.


GLOWshorts Screening Series

GLOWshorts, the NEW Virtual Shorts Program presented by OUTshine Film Festival, premiers as part of their GLOW Monthly Screening Series held the Third Thursday of Every Month leading up to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Editions of the Film Festival in October.

For May, what do Mrs. Doubtfire, an LGBT political candidate, and a hurricane all have in common? It almost must be Summertime in South Florida as we premier GLOWshorts! Join us early for some Happy Hour drinks, music, and LGBTQ+ Film Trivia before we login to our Virtual Theater to watch a selection of short films for our GLOWshorts Virtual Program at 7:45pm viewed through our screening link!

After seeing our selection of short films, join us at 9:00pm for our GLOWQ&A with the filmmakers to ask your questions & get those answers that you may want to know more about. Stick around after the shorts program to chat with other film buffs and to mingle with your fellow filmgoers.


OUTshine Film Festival… OUTrageous. OUTspoken. And OUTstanding in what we deliver!

RSVP at https://bit.ly/GLOWshorts1

This is a Free Virtual Event! If you would like to support OUTshine Film Festival with a Donation “Ticket”, please visit our website at https://bit.ly/OUTshineDONATE and support your LGBTQ+ Festival Today!

Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/234876924279839/ for more information.


Kindermusik with The Children’s Voice

Do you know a baby who loves music?

Join Mrs. Laurah every Friday at 10am on Zoom for a fun-filled Kindermusik class! Register at thechildrensvoice.org/kindermusik-registration.


Memorial Day Weekend Yacht Rock Regatta

Join Yacht Rock Music for a Memorial Day Weekend Regatta, audio broadcast style, this Memorial Day Weekend.

In a perfect world, we would have all these yacht rock artists performing live at the Miami Marine Stadium for a marathon of incredible LIVE renditions of the songs we know and love!
If we closed our eyes for a moment, we could imagine just that.

Yacht Rock Miami presents the Labor Day Weekend Regatta, a virtual event that features LIVE music from Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, and many more!

Ways to tune in:
1) https://tunein.yachtrockmiami.com
2) Tune In or My Radio App: search for Yacht Rock Miami
3) Roku: search for Yacht Rock Miami channel

We hope you enjoy, let’s drink piña coladas poolside and pretend we’re at a 3 day yacht rock concert, commercial free.


Contest Quarantine Monologues

CCEMiami is joining the initiative Quarantine Monologues created by The Cultural Center of Spain in Costa Rica, and presenting its Miami Edition. The aim of the contest is to support the arts community during this pandemic.

This initiative invites act@rs, play-writers, directors, and anyone interest in arts and theater to write and record a video monologue sharing your experience during the quarantine. Any genre is admitted and monologues can be submitted in English or Spanish.

This contest is only available for participants living in Miami.

Each person could only sent (1) video recorded in horizontal and with a duration between 4 and 7 minutes. The video should be uploaded by the participant on Youtube, and the following form should fill and sent between May 25th and 31st (Deadline 11:59 pm. Miami Time). The winners will be selected thru public voting.

To participate fill each section of the following form:(https://forms.gle/5xKYVhzG8EnCiPnv7). You might see the first description in Spanish, please fill your email at the bottom and click next for the English version.

Please read carefully all the requirements for this contest before submitting your application.
REQUIREMENTS: https://bit.ly/2zwSaJP
The official sponsor of the contest is ArtesMiami, Inc

Good luck to everyone!


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